Jacket Cover of 'The
Doctor and the Poet'

The Doctor and the Poet

Lightfoot-Klein is a savant, confirmed accentric, inveterate gadfly, and inspired storyteller. She has now turned her penetrating insight into the human condition and her wonderful way with words to a new genre: fiction

The Doctor and the Poet, her first novel, explores the elemental force of love in its multitude of manifestations. In her signature original way, she has interwoven these into a highly unusual, mesmerizing story. The Doctor and the Poet spans two world wars and beyond, set against the backdrop of a burgeoning anti-Semitism in Europe and life as an immigrant in the new promised land–America.

"Still there is this dilemma that confronts me and like a nagging toothache will not allow me ease. I cannot banish the Doctor from my mind. Because who had he been really? And what could he have been capable of doing or not doing? And is it possible for someone who has been driven into obsessive behavior patterns that are ethically untenable to him by the physical and psychological trauma he has suffered in the earliest part of his life to ever change these patterns?"

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